Hello, Friends!

Hello, Friends!


Jodie Lee is an adventurous, entrepreneurial sort who loves to hybridize activities and try new things. Like, literally, all the time! Paddleboarding and Strumming Ukulele is just about the funnest thing she has ever done and that led to the creation of Paddle And Strum - introductory ukulele lessons taught on a paddleboard! Her latest creation is a podcast featuring stories of those angels of mercy who caffeinate us all day everyday - Barista Unfiltered. And her longest running career that she finds endlessly fascinating is massage therapy. Owner of Jodie Lee Massage Inc since 2003, she works with her clients individually to help restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

What's she doing?


Barista Unfiltered Podcast

Barista Unfiltered is a podcast dedicated to the life and times of baristas. They tell us what’s brewing in their lives and work in this free-flowing and unfiltered podcast.

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Paddle and Strum

Paddle and Strum originated in the summer of 2018 in Colorado, but I hope to make it a mobile gig in 2019!!  

If you own a business featuring watercraft such as paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, small boats or large boats and want to offer beginner or intermediate ukulele classes to your customers, we'll provide the ukuleles and the instruction and the laughs!! Oh yes, there will be laughs!



If you've ever wanted to learn the basic clogging step, you CAN in just 5 minutes!!  



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